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So, I’m getting married!

It sounds weird saying that aloud, well in my mind…or essentially typing on my laptop. It’s not weird because I’m nervous to be someone’s wife, I’ve always wanted that (to be someone’s wife, and not just anyone, but my fiance’ is the only person, besides my celeb crushes, that I would ever think about marrying). No, it’s the fact that I am going to be a bride, something that I have never really cared about.

So, we am I planning a wedding? Well, because I don’t like events focused on me, and my poor dear mother does. I’m her only child. Her only daughter! Her doopleganger. Her pride and joy, literally – don’t get her started on all my accomplishments. But I have deprived this poor report card toting woman of most essential events: birthday parties, sweet sixteen, and a graduation party. This means the world to her!

I’ve always said “I’m going to elope” and she has always put on her fake “understanding” mom face and braved these statements, but being a former wedding planner and ¬†engaged to a wedding photographer is a huge blow to her.

So, picture it, October 18, 2014 – Sweetest Day! Yes, I watch the mess out of Golden Girls. But back to the story –my love actually proposed. After 10 years, he finally proposed. And it was awkward! We were getting engaged on Sweetest Day at Piccolo Sogno Due¬†in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, down the street from my job — I worked at AT&T at the time, and it was awkward, but more on that in another post.
But I started planning 3 months later and had decided that our grand weeding was going to be in Bahamas…September 2015…until family members said a big “No thank you”. So back to the drawing board. Fast forward, I’m fired, unemployed then contracted for a data storage company, not a data storage company, the leading object storage company in Chicago. So, now I am in a better place to be engaged and plan, essentially, a bomb ass wedding — forgive me for my language (or maybe not).
Follow me through our journey of a whimsical wedding! I promise it will be full of pink!
You’ve been kissed.
The Girl in Pink
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Work It Out: Getting Your Work Out Routine Started

Work it Out

Hello Pink Republic!

I am on a personal journey of trying to “work it out” … physically and mentally. This year has been like a rollercoaster. I am engaged; I went to Paris and Rome with a friend; stopped talking to that friend; started a new job in February, then lost the job in April. Most would say that 2015 and myself are frienemies, and I wouldn’t disagree. Like dang, can a sista get some good luck, lol?

In 2013, I was a fitness goddess…well, in my eyes, lol. I worked out twice a week at Lincoln Park’s Nike Training Camp (which was amazing) and would exercise daily for 20 minutes. Goddess, I tell you! However, life got switched up once I started working for a company with no work-life balance. I feel that during my break this is the perfect time to get back in shape.

I am going to list a “Work it Out” guide to getting started to the healthy life:

1. Set Realistic Expectations and Goals.
I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! Yet, the best work out time is early in the morning… um, she is not going to do that to herself. Friends can text me “I’m at LA Fitness now” at 5:45am until their fingers fall off, she will not be there. Know thyself and your limitations! I plan to get up 30 minutes before my wake up time, therefore, I can work out for 15 minutes, oil pulling for 5 minutes (yes, I entertain the idea of oil pulling in the morning), and prep a smoothie for 10 min (5 minutes are cut down because I oil pull while prepping the smoothie. Once I get comfortable with this schedule, then I will get up earlier and earlier.

2. Plan Out Your Routine.
What areas do you want to target? I put it in two categories: tone or enhance? As a woman, we get a little self-conscience about our bodies, so as positive re-enforcement I ask myself “what areas need toning?” and “ohhh baby, that needs to be enhanced”. Once I know my focus areas, it’s time to plan our routine, If I have more toning days, I rather schedule those on odd days and more often, so leg and arm days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday; while T&A (emphasis on the A) are Tuesday and Thursdays. Once I know my days, now its time for research. My two resources are Pinterest and Daily Burn. Some weeks I plan cardio or yoga, depending on how the week is going.

3. Test the Waters.
I know what you’re thinking “what about the gym?” Um… if you’re like me, you can’t barely get your flat booty up 45 minutes earlier in the morning, nor do you have a great work-life balance…sooooo no chick, no gym for you..just yet. Until you are hitting your exercise days like you are the Tone It Up girls or running like Allyson Felix, girl turn that Roku on and do that Daily Burn exercise. No need to waste the money if you are ready for the gym.

I can’t stress this enough, eating properly and drinking tons of water are keys to getting back in shape the right way. Using a water pill or starving yourself will not do. You will not notice any results at all. I am the worst at good eating myself because I am the cupcake queen. I have to have a cupcake or some type of dessert after I eat dinner, so planning out meals is my way to getting back healthy. Other ways to stay healthy are keeping your water bottle around you, eat smaller portions and substitute sugary foods for other snacks like nuts and fruits.

5. Stay Positive
Get that printer ready! Time to print out some Pinterest affirmations to keep that booty in shape. You may not see results immediately, so having a framed affirmation can keep you motivated.

Have you started back working out? What are some of your tips to getting back in shape?

– Jehan

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Who is The Girl in Pink?


Hi there!

My name is Jehan Yasmin Miller and I am the creator of the new blog, The Girl in Pink. A Chicagoan to the core, I love fashion, style shopping and a product whore. I previously ran a blog called, Pink Velvet Kisses and decided to change my blogging focus. Although, the chapter to Pink Velvet Kisses has closed, I am grateful for all that I learned in the last couple of years and I would like to relay my information with a new blog.

The Girl in Pink was a signature sign-off that I used for Pink Velvet Kisses. I want this blog to focus on my journey as a shopping-obsessed, city girl that is truly trying to enjoy life. Please join me on the journey!

The Girl in Pink,


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