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So, I’m getting married!

It sounds weird saying that aloud, well in my mind…or essentially typing on my laptop. It’s not weird because I’m nervous to be someone’s wife, I’ve always wanted that (to be someone’s wife, and not just anyone, but my fiance’ is the only person, besides my celeb crushes, that I would ever think about marrying). No, it’s the fact that I am going to be a bride, something that I have never really cared about.

So, we am I planning a wedding? Well, because I don’t like events focused on me, and my poor dear mother does. I’m her only child. Her only daughter! Her doopleganger. Her pride and joy, literally – don’t get her started on all my accomplishments. But I have deprived this poor report card toting woman of most essential events: birthday parties, sweet sixteen, and a graduation party. This means the world to her!

I’ve always said “I’m going to elope” and she has always put on her fake “understanding” mom face and braved these statements, but being a former wedding planner and ¬†engaged to a wedding photographer is a huge blow to her.

So, picture it, October 18, 2014 – Sweetest Day! Yes, I watch the mess out of Golden Girls. But back to the story –my love actually proposed. After 10 years, he finally proposed. And it was awkward! We were getting engaged on Sweetest Day at Piccolo Sogno Due¬†in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, down the street from my job — I worked at AT&T at the time, and it was awkward, but more on that in another post.
But I started planning 3 months later and had decided that our grand weeding was going to be in Bahamas…September 2015…until family members said a big “No thank you”. So back to the drawing board. Fast forward, I’m fired, unemployed then contracted for a data storage company, not a data storage company, the leading object storage company in Chicago. So, now I am in a better place to be engaged and plan, essentially, a bomb ass wedding — forgive me for my language (or maybe not).
Follow me through our journey of a whimsical wedding! I promise it will be full of pink!
You’ve been kissed.
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